I can't register, my email address is refused!

Indeed some addresses are now refused because the providers of these addresses completely block messages and notifications from We use a robot to send messages and notifications and this is very displeasing and equates to spam even if it is not.Here are the affected suppliers:

  • hotmail
  • live
  • msn
  • outlook
  • orange

We recommend that you use a gmail address that does not seem to be a problem.


  • How do I delete my account? You can delete your account from your settings
  • How to manage the confidentiality of my account? You can manage your privacy on this page



  • How to add a title to my photos? When you are visualizing an album, click on 'edit pictures'


  • My profile is not update when I add details! It's because a field is not fill, take care of red messages. If you don not see a green bar saying that your profile has been saved, there is a field not filled.
Properly filled Field missing


  • Can I purchase a membership without a credit card? Yes it's possible, per check or wire transfert specifying your email address
    and your username (do not change it in the meantime)

    1. Wire: Fidji Média sarl
      RIB : 30004 00562 00010070996 53
      IBAN : FR76 3000 4005 6200 0100 7099 653

    2. Check : Fidji Média sarl
      postal address:
      Fidji Média
      40 rue de la baignerie
      59000 Lille